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Kitchen thick plastic Drain basket

Product Specifications:

  • 1: Drain water out of cooked pasta or boiled vegetables without fuss. Prep rice or quinoa with a quick rinse. Wash vegetables, fruits and berries in the strainer easily, leaving you with ready-to-eat ingredients.
  • 2: The small drains release the maximum amount of water without dropping pasta noodles, julienne-sliced vegetables, small berries, rice, quinoa or orzo. Enjoy the maximum amount of food without the extra water.
  • 3: Smooth surface is gentle on delicate produce flesh to minimize bruising and bursting. Keep your berries, vegetables and fruits fresh and whole while rinsing away residue. Rinse plants without bruising or tearing delicate skin.
  • 4: After soaking your produce, easily pour the water out of the spout. As the colander swivels to protect your fruits and vegetables from falling into the sink, the water will pour out of the spout for mess-free draining.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    banny .

    Awesome! Super practical


    Came very quickly. Corresponds exactly to the pictures and description!

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